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Being a partner of Latinia means knowing your customers, or the opportunities you have identified, you will never be left behind, but will be at the forefront of your industry, offering your end customers the latest in financial notifications.

Being a partner of the leader means also being a leader yourself, as well as becoming leaders in the opportunities we develop. Become an extension of the value we create in Latinia and take it wherever there is business. Count on us, we are counting on you.

What partner profile are you?

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Reseller / Agent referrals

Our resellers market Latinia LIMSP© licenses in one or several geographic areas. The company may simply provide the reference to Latinia (Agent referrals figure), who is responsible for developing the business process or part of it (its degree of participation will logically determine the volume of business for the distributor).

SI (Systems Integrator)

Create value around our products, adding features and services such as an integrated product or a complete "turnkey" solution (with the end customer always being the licensee at the LIMSP© end). The Integrator leads the business process with the support of Latinia.

ISV (Independent Software Vendor)

Just like Latinia, the ISV develops and markets its own solutions, being able to complement Latinia LIMSP© products with the customers’ needs. As in the other scenarios, the licensee is the end customer. The ISV references the opportunity to Latinia or forms an explicit part of the business process.